Krakow Team

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Wroclaw Team

Tomek Prus

Tomek, a graduate from Wroclaw University of Technology, is a documentation manager at Unit4. He developed as a technical communication professional at Nokia, holding a wild bunch of positions. His passion for content is coupled with curiosity and interest in technology and the toils of daily operational management. He loves all kinds of sports, having a particularly soft spot for football.

Daniel Barrio Fierro

Information architect by trade, linguist by education, Daniel has created documentation and taxonomies for companies like Google, Volvo and Nokia. He is proud to lead Technical Communications at Dolby Poland, where he nurtures his craft within an amazing team. His eyes twinkle when hearing the words “systems thinking”.

Wojciech Baranowski

Wojtek is a QA Lead Engineer at Dolby Labs, previously working in technical communication area for companies like Dolby, Nokia and IBM. A telecommunication engineer graduated from Wrocław University of Technology, always interested in tech comm tools and task automation in technical writing.

Brno Team

Bogodar Bonczar

ogodar is a media design lead at Motorola Solutions. He mulls over content every day, and he is deadly serious about it. At his work, he fights chaos as much as he causes it. Privately, he does not cause any chaos. Videography, photography, and audio engineering create his comfort zone and at the same time knock him out of it.

Joel Parker

Joel is UX/UI Designer at SalesChamp. He focuses on prototyping and designing interfaces that ‘make sense’ to its users. Outside the office, he enjoys hamburgers with mates, while geeking out on different areas of design, marketing and networking.

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